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How to Choose the Right Bait and Fillet Table for Your Boat

Deep fishing is one of the most rewarding fishing experiences you can enjoy. These types of expeditions usually result in larger catches and your chances of getting a unique fish species on the hook are a lot higher.

But deep-sea fishing expeditions can be pretty messy if you don’t have a good work surface for processing bait or your latest catch. This is exactly where a bait and fillet table comes in and in this guide, we show you what to look for when you are looking for the best table for your boat.

What Is A Bait And Fillet Table?

A bait and fillet table is a boating accessory that is used on fishing boats or charterers. There are many different types of bait and fillet table types out there and they do range in size and function. Some are freestanding while others are attached directly to the ship.

This little table usually offers a sturdy work area where you can process fishing bait that is used to attract specific fish species or to cut and fillet some of the fish you might catch on your trip before adding them to the cooler.

What to Look For In Bait and Fillet Tables?

For a bait and fillet table to be functional, it needs to be much more than just a flat work surface that can be used for cutting. Here are a couple of other important things to look out for when you are shopping for the best bait and fillet table.

UV Resistance

All boating accessories are exposed to plenty of direct and very harsh UV rays. A table that isn’t UV-protected will become brittle and will start to crack within weeks. It is very important to look for a water-resistant table that can handle a lot of direct sunlight without fading or degrading.

Mounting Legs

Freestanding boating accessories are never a good idea if you are out on the deep blue sea. Those waves have a way of flipping anything and everything that isn’t secured over. It is best to look for a table that has mounted legs that you can attach directly to your boat. This will keep your table nice and secure even in rough winds or when the waves get high.

A Removable Top

Baiting and filleting fish can be a messy task. It is best to get a table that has a removable top so you can simply dunk it in the seawater for a quick rinse or remove it so you can deep wash it when you get back to the dock. These types of tables can also last you a lot longer since you can easily store the top polypropylene part away so it will stay clean and protected.

Raised Edges

The last thing you want is to have fish guts spilled all over your deck. It is best to get a bait and fillet table that has raised edges so all that gunk will stay on top of the table.

Separate Compartments

Compartments aren’t a must but sure do come in handy when you are trying to fillet a big catch on the open seas. The ideal bait and fillet table will be slightly sloped so fluids can run down and away from your work area. A compartment for fluids at the one side is ideal and a couple of extra compartments where you can store accessories like knives or separate the usable and unusable parts of your catch can also be very handy.

You can find bait and fillet tables with these and many other features on Ocean South. With these tables, you can complete those messy fishing tasks more comfortably and without making a mess of your boat.