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5 Must-Have Fishing Supplies for Your Boat

There are plenty of fishing supplies that complement your boat that is certainly worth picking up.

Here are five of our must-have fishing supplies for your boat:

20 Oktober, 2022

Must-have accessories to protect your sailboat from damaging UV rays

Before you set out on your journey, you should invest in the needed protective gear. Here is a quick look at some of the best UV protective accessories to get for your sailboat.

13 Oktober, 2022

Oceansouth’s Jet Ski Covers

Hitting the waves on your very own jet ski is nothing short of exhilarating, so you should never spoil the moment out on the water with an unsightly, dented, scratched jet ski that’s clearly worse for wear.

12 Oktober, 2022

How to Store Your Boat Safely

Boat owners in Victoria may choose to store their boats for a variety of perfectly good reasons, such as seasonality, safety, and many more.


How to Choose the Right Bait and Fillet Table for Your Boat

Deep fishing is one of the most rewarding fishing experiences you can enjoy. These types of expeditions usually result in larger catches and your chances of getting a unique fish species on the hook are a lot higher.

Important Things Every Fisherman Should Know About a Sea Anchor Drogue

Most fishermen only focus on the basics like fishing rods and bait. But one of the fishing accessories you defiantly want to include on your boat if you love fishing or if you simply enjoy sailing trips is a sea anchor drogue.

9 Oktober, 2022

The Benefits of Using a Boat Cover

The best way to keep a boat in good condition is with a boat cover. Here is a quick look at some of the top benefits you will get when you invest in a quality boat cover for your watercraft.

8 Oktober, 2022

Top 4 Reasons to Add a Bimini Top to Your Boat

Bimini tops are a simple, affordable, and versatile means of providing adequate shade whilst out on the water, so it should be obvious why they’re an essential accessory.

7 Oktober, 2022

5 Tips for Buying Quality Bimini Tops

Looking to buy a new bimini top for some much-needed shade whilst out at sea on your boat? Read our top five tips below before spending your hard-earned money…

30 September, 2022

First Catch of the Day: 4 Fishing Essentials from Oceansouth

The excitement of days spent on the open waters catching fresh fish is made all the better with dependable, quality fishing essentials from Oceansouth.


Important Things You Should Know About Boating Fabrics

So you finally got that dreamboat you have been longing to buy for so many years…


The Importance of Good Boat Seats & Cushions for Posture & Comfort

Sitting should be comfortable and ergonomic. What type of chair or seat you use at home for work or study is important for these reasons, and so too are the seats and cushions used on your beloved boat.


Budget Concepts for Taking Good Care Of Your Boat

In this guide, we are going to share some great concepts that will keep your boat in good shape for longer so you won’t have to deal with expensive repairs.


What are Rock Guards and why should your boat have them

Most boat types are pretty expensive and any visible damage that these watercraft obtain will dramatically reduce the overall resell value of your boat. It is also terribly painful to see scratch marks on your boat and these marks or dents can be annoying and costly to repair.

3 Juni, 2022

How to Choose the Right T-Top for Your Boat

Owning a boat is a pretty darned big investment that you’ll want to maximize for its entire lifespan. Whether you’re fishing, enjoy spending sunny days out at the harbor, or…

13 Mai, 2022

The Importance of Motor Covers & Our Top Picks

Surely as a responsible boat owner, you’ve invested adequately into the protection of your beloved boat. Now, whether that’s indoor storage in a secure facility, moored…

5 Mai, 2022